2009 MAY 22nd FRIDAY
open 22:00〜05:00
place:Gallery ROPPONGI  map

1-1-1-B1 Nishiazabu Minato-ku Tokyo TEL : 03-5771-4447

music: electro / house
door ¥3,500/1drink+1ZIMA   w/f ¥3,000/1drink+1ZIMA

   DJ yuuu, DJ show, DJ ochazuke ( arare, ume, shake )

VJ: sny

live body painting artist: P_co
body painting model: CoCo
pole dance show: RUM, IKUMI

dress code:sexy, stylish & romantic

※under 20years old are not permitted to enter(need ID)



Been DJ for 17 years . Lived in New York for five years.  
Like to mix all kind of music mix together.
As a DJ, WHO-G!? has started to spin around Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto area since 92'as a regular at some famous clubs such as "club Qoo" and "Flat" for more than 6 years.
WHO-G!? has been spining at the club of the year in Kobe, "Junx", as well as for some fashion shows as a guest DJ. 
From 97',went to NYC to play at "Club Life", "Ohm", "Centro Fly" as well as restaurant club "Don Julio" as a lounge DJ until 02'. 
Since return to Japan, WHO-G!? has DJing place such as "underlounge", "Vinyl", "Grand cafe" and "Flat" again at Osaka. 
Moved to Tokyo and have been regular at "velours", "Module", "Rock west", "Oto" and "Suu". 
On January 07', WHO-G!? was invited to spin at the "Milan Fashion collection". 
WHO-G!?’s style of the music is more towards from House, Electro to Rock, non particular manner but love to mix different mode. 
Currently WHO-G!? has been working as music coordinator at "RESTIR", selecting and buying CDs for the boutique and creating pleasant and comfortable mood. 
Love to use WHO-G!?’s wild music sense to prove as good as any guys' performance to create the " WHO-G!?'s world" at anywhere.


DJ Adoriana was born in Egypt and raised in Canada.
She travelled within America as model, actress and also playboy playmate 2004 to 2005.
She was the title of miss Canada fitness 2005, miss Vancouver 2006 and participated in miss universe Canada 2006.

Her DJ career started as an underground Rave DJ in Canada. But because of her love for Japan she moved to Tokyo fall 2008, to continue DJ and model.

Some of her events such as ROXY, Ray-ban, BLENDA BLACK (magazine) , BRAND NEW HEAVIES After Party and face word. FLJ magazine at AGEHA.

Her first CD “ KITTY LICIOUS ” is Hip Hop , “ ROPPONGI NIGHTS ” Trance and "LOVE IS BLACK LISTED" is electro house.

DJ show ( BASH TOKYO )

DJ and also as Sound creator. With her looks and taste of music, otherwise known as Aya Ueto in the DJ world. No doubt she will enslave the crowd. 

DJ ochazuke ( arare / ume / shake )

Consisted of five costume DJs including party organizer ecco.
Because the members work as models and/or dancers, the members change due to schedule. 
Recent performances incorporate Japanese Geisha style. 
DJ Ochazuke with rouse the floor with their dance and comedy. Don’t miss it.

DJ YUKI ( Magic Basement )

Magic Basement kicked off her career to spin in Tokyo clubs and outdoor raves. Charms the crowd with her “cool but active” floor play. Genre: Techno, Tech House, and Progressive house.

DJ ELIZABETH ( Magic Basement )

Organizer DJ of Magic Basement held last summer at temple.
Her thick pipe of network made the first event of hers to be a success. 
Her DJ technique is still unknown, but has a certain quality that charms the floor.

DJ yuuu ( Magic Basement )

10years of her classic piano lesons has payed off to create a melodic mix of Tech House, Progressive House, and Techno.



At a mere 10 years of age, won the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Chairmans Award given from The Royal Highnesses at Japan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals whole of country painting contest.
While in school, her painting was selected at “render a landscape exhibition biennale” by Governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara served as selector for publicly-offered exhibition “WONDER SEED”.
“WONDER SEED” is a Japanese youth artists’ gateway to success.
Held number of personal exhibition and group exhibition.
Exhibited at DesignFesta, GEISAI held at Tokyo Big Site.
After painting the walls of clubMUSE several times, her fast painting, such as painting over more than 10m wall used for movie set in 3days, started large scale live painting at clubAsia, clubWEDGE.
Other than paintings, making actor, Kento Handa’s character goods, drawing program illustration for 81st Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film winning movie “Okuribito” .
Also working as dancer, SM Queen, bondage master, stage actress, appeared on gravure magazine as painter, making her own style as multifaceted and unique performer.



Apart from pole dancing, she is affectionate in painting and photography.



Being active as a club singer, she has performed in local strip clubs since 2001 and in 2003, started dancing as VIP Cast. 
Not only her tricks wow the crowd, her graceful dance style is sexy and romantic. 
Her vision lies in “living in between dream and reality”.
As of now, 2009, she is a Pole dancer, sexy performer, singer, and CEO of Bloom co. ltd.


Started as a dancer in Niigata Prefecture since 2002. 
Moved to Tokyo in 2005, and since active in Tokyo clubs as a pole dancer and GoGo dancer. Her roots lies in HipHop and Reggae.
She is petite but her boldness in acrobatic pole dance makes her style sensual×stylish. 


sny (DJ/VJ)

Belonging to a consulting firm, this artist embodies an amicable merger of business and creativity. In Junior High, he was heavily influenced by Cornelius and kicked off his career in 1994. Rather than holding a fixed style, he supplies order made works according to the needs of clients and audiences. Has performed in various fashion shows and club events including NPO promotion videos and directing for corporate events.

■ Time Table ■

door open 22:00 

22:00~23:00 DJ Adoriana 
23:00~24:00 DJ Yuuu 
24:00~01:00 DJ FUJIKO( WHO-G!? ) 
01:00~02:00 DJ ochazuke ( arare, ume, shake ) 
02:00~03:00 DJ show 
03:00~04:00 DJ YUKI 
04:00~05:00 DJ ELIZABETH 

23:15~23:30 pole dance ( RUM, IKUMI ) 
01:15~01:30 live body painting ( P_co, CoCo ) 
03:15~03:30 pole dance ( RUM, IKUMI ) 

22:00~05:00 VJ sny 

door close 05:00